1. Play:

    • Play the ball down, unless otherwise instructed at the staging area.
    • Play is governed by 2012-2015 U.S.G.A. Rules of Golf Conditions of Competition unless otherwise specified.  The Rules of Equity will govern when available.

2. Tee Markers:

    • Play is from the White tees (except in special circumstance pre-determined by the Committee).
    • A player may elect to play from the Blue tees.  A player making this election will receive two (2) additional handicap strokes.  Player must make this tee selection prior to leaving staging area at the start of play.  Upon suggestion from the Committee, a player may elect to play from the Green tees.  A player receiving permission will deduct two (2) additional handicap strokes.  Player must make this tee selection prior to leaving staging area at the start of play.


3. Keep up with the group in front of you.  It does not matter where the group behind you is located.  If a group is out of place for an extended period of time as determined by the golf course rangers/marshals, then each player in that group shall receive a 2 stroke penalty.

4. Local/CMGA Rules: 

    • There is no out of bounds on the Course.  All hazards are played as Lateral Hazards.  All mangrove areas bordering fairways and greens, as well as those sections of ponds that run parallel to fairways, are deemed Lateral Hazards.  In addition, the reservoir, tennis courts, and driving range along the right side of the fifth hole may be played as Lateral Hazards. 
    • Loose stones may be removed from sand bunkers.  If the ball moves, penalty is incurred.
    • Embedded Ball Rule in effect through the Green.
    • You may tap down spike marks on the greens.
    • Provisional Ball: To avoid delay, if there is doubt as to whether a ball is lost or unplayable in a water hazard, a provisional ball may be played before conducting a search. If the original ball is found, it must be either played as it lies or abandoned and the provisional ball put in play under a one-stroke penalty (Ref. Appendix I, Part A, 2b USGA Rules 2012-2015).


Pace of Play Guidelines

Rule 6-7 states, in part: “The player shall play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines which may be laid down by the Committee.” “For the purpose of preventing slow play, the Committee may, in the conditions of a competition (Rule 33-1), lay down pace of play guidelines including maximum periods of time allowed to complete a stipulated round, a hole or a stroke.”

Undue Delay: Shall be defined as taking more than 45 seconds to play a stroke and longer than 4 hours 20 minutes to complete a stipulated round.

Timing: Our goal is to finish a round in 4 hours 20 minutes or less. If a group falls behind the group in front of them by one hole or more, they will be given a warning by the ranger to speed up play. Upon receiving a second warning for slow play, each player in the group will be subject to the appropriate penalty.

Penalties: Penalty for breach of rule 6-7:
First offense - One stroke.
Second offense - Two strokes.
For subsequent offense - Disqualification.

Cumulative Throughout the Round: All penalties will be cumulative throughout the round.

Appeals: Appeals for any infraction leading to penalties will be referred to the on-site Tournament Director immediately upon completion of the player’s round. The Tournament Director’s decision shall be final.

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